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The Symbol

The county flag of Goryeong-gun
Goryeong-gun flag
Description of flag
A length and width proportion of the flag is 3:2 and the standard length should be 120 cm long and 80 cm width.
The background of flag is white, and the color of the mark is blue and green and the writing is on grey.
The production of flag is embroidery and then put on gold thread.
Flag can be reduced or enlarged in a similar color and same proportion depending on the needy.
A symbol of Goryeong-gun
Goryeong-gun symbol
Meaning of color
The blue on the top is future, hope and creation
The green on the bottom is plenty, stability and development
A meaning of style
Goryeong-gun symbol

The ellipse on the background

Represents a progress spirit of all harmonized citizens in Goryeong toward hopeful future

Goryeong-gun symbol

Blue on the top

Represents clean and comfortable environmental space

Goryeong-gun symbol

Green in the middle

Represents a strong commitment of Goryeong people, who doesn't identify the restoration of national prestige around Nakdong River and Goryeong, and continue to develop and change toward the future of the world

Goryeong-gun symbol

Green on the bottom

Represents a productive land

Goryeong-gun symbol

Hatch Part

Represents the innocence of Goryeong people who want to respect and inheritage the spirit of Daegaya (Gayageum:a twelve-stringed korean harp)

Goryeong-gun symbol

White part in the middle

Represents beautiful mountain and road network, which is the drive force of Jisandong old tomb and industrial development

Goryeong-gun symbol
Blue: symbol of sky and vision
Green: symbol of nature and clean area
Yellow: symbol of the energy of earth and sun
Graphic Motive
symbol of outreaching positive power
symbol of promise toward the future of 1 eup and 7 Myeon
Emphasize rhythmical and vital nuance: challenging and futuristic
Internally: power of unity toward a must reach goal
Externally: Must go place, Goryeong
Symbolic meaning
In Hangul it's "Let's go Goryeong" and used chinese character 'ji', which means land to represent the center of 6 gaya and internally, it means power of unity toward a must reach goal and externally, it means it's a must go place.
Characters of County
Selected a character, which brings up the image of Gaya old tomb, crown, and gayageum, and named it 'Gaya' And added 'Doli', which means cute and wise
Goryeong-gun Gayadoli
Bird of Country
Comes with the group of Egret in March and hatch youngs.
White, the symbol of pure people, brown, the fertilized land, and ocher, the raw material of Gaya earthenware, combines well and the unity with Heron represents the symbol of neighbors and harmony.
Flower of County
An old area with many hills are colonized by azalea
The dark and clear color symbolize the burning local patriotism of the county people and warm human touch and at same time it symbolize the spirit of ancestors.
Tree of country
There is a story of Mastro Uruk made Gayageum by Paulownia from the riverside so this tree is remembered as holy tree. This tree is now utilized as material for high-end furniture and is evenly distributed in Goryeong area.
People's Charter

Goryeong, the capital of Daegaya, is a proud district, which has built brilliant culture by filling the clean water with green energy of Mt.
Gaya's chain mountains and restoration of water The ceaselessly connected melody of Uruk, a long time high integrity and the wisdom of ancestor that have overcome the national crisis is our strength. We look at the wisdom of the predecessors who planted seeds on the oily fields and who were helping each other with love, and look back our attitude for prosperity and peace for tomorrow.

  1. 1, We remember the tradition of Daegaya culture with proud and develop wonderful folk culture.
  2. 2, We put faith and public good in front and respect property and orders and lifts the spirit of calm patriotism
  3. 3, We work sincerely and diligently and create new value and achieve rich home.