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Basic Information

Basic Information

384.10㎢(2.0% of Gyeongsangbuk-do Province)
35,525 / 16,241 households (18,639 males, 16,886 females)
Administrative Districts
1 Eup 7 Myeon (153 Ri 663 Ban)
Administrative Organization
2 offices, 9 divisions, 1 department, 2 directly
controlled agencies, 3 affiliated agencies,
county council office.
Civil Servants
518 (Main office: 406 employees / Eup/Myeon: 112 employees)
County Finances
2018 annual budget: KRW 294.3 billion (general account: KRW 279.7 billion, special account: KRW 14.6 billion)

County Economy

Industrial Zones
5 zones (3 industrial zones, 2 agricultural-industrial zones) / 1,980,000 ㎡ (600,000 pyeong)
1,020 (No. of Employees: 10,247)
Industry structure
mining 49.2%, agriculture 12.3%, construction 9.1%, others 29.4%
County GDP
KRW 982 billion (2012 GRDP basis), GDP per capita: $24,359

Tourist Facilities

2 (Daegaya Museum, Ureuk Museum)
Exhibition Halls
1 (Wangneung Royal Tomb Exhibition Hall)
Tourist sites
1 (Daegaya History Theme Park)
Vacation Complexes
3 (Daegaya Arboretum, Jusan Mountain Forest Park, Misung Mountain Natural Recreation Forest)
Experience Villages
6 villages (Gaesil, Gayatgo, Sanju, Seowujae, Sinri, and Ye)
Buddhist temples
2 (Gwaneumsa Temple, Ballryongsa Temple)

Geography and Natural


In the west, Mandaesan Mountain sits to the southwest of Misungsan Mountain, forming a natural boundary with Gyeongsangnam-do Province. In the east, the Nakdonggang River flows around four myeon(“townships”), forming a natural boundary with Dalsung-gun. In the north, the Uibongsan Mountain and Gayasan Mountain ranges separate the county from Seongju-gun county.


The Hoecheon and Sogacheon Streams originate in the valleys of Gayasan Mountain, and flow through Wunsu and Deokgok-myeon before converging in Bongwan-ri, Daegaya-eup. The streams then join Anrimcheon Stream (which flows through Ssangrim-myeon via Gayasan Mountain in Gyeongsangnam-do Province) in the lower southeast part of Daegaya-eup, ultimately flowing into the Nakdonggang River.


The Gwangju Daegu Expressway bisects (19.8km in length) the county in the west-east direction. The Daegu-Gunsan, Goseong-Seonsan, Wicheon-Gimcheon and Jeokjung- Haepyeong roads run in all directions throughout the county, with Daegaya-eup at its center, making it a hub of transportation.

Administrative Districts