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Greetings. I´m the mayor of Goryeong, LEE NAM-CHEOL. I sincerely thank you for your visit.

Goryeong has is a historical place where rock art is still clearly remained from the old age and was Daegaya nation for 520 years and is a birthplace of master Uruk, who create Gayageum.

Geographically, it's located on the southernmost and western edge of Gyeongbuk and is close to Daegu city. It equips roads from all directions including 88 highway and pleasant environment between Mt. Gaya and Nakdong River and fertile soil and it's also highlighted as attractive sites for investment as countryside city, surrounding agriculture, mid-sized suburb.

Everyone in our district is working together for 'Livable Goryeong', by bringing prosperous Daegaya culture and by developing the agriculture and industry harmoniously.

I ask for your warm attention, active participation and encouragement for Goryeong and I'll pray for your business and happiness and health for your family.

Thank you.

Mayor of Goryeong, LEE NAM-CHEOL. 이남철